Imaged Tiles

imaged tile mural signs customized by bulls-i in traverse city michigan corporate

Whether they are used individually, as a mural, or featured in one of our wood products, these high-quality tiles accept images with an incredible color and clarity you have to see to believe.   The tiles are coated with a special polymer coating and the image we fuse into the tile is captured by this polymer coating.  What this means is that the image becomes a part of the tile.

Accent your home or office with a custom designed wall or floor mural.  Whether you provide us with your favorite photography, choose one of our stock backgrounds and textures, or we help design something totally unique, these presentations are sure to make a lasting impression.  Bulls-i, Inc. offers these services to create exclusive, one-of-a-kind designs for:

  • Backsplashes
  • Fountains
  • Lobbies
  • Entrances
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Fireplaces
  • Showers
  • Swimming Pools
  • Signage
  • Counter Tops
  •  ...and the list goes on based on your imagination

These murals will add class and ambiance to golf clubhouses, restaurants, corporations, schools, hall of fames, retail stores, and sports facilities.

Ceramic Tiles

Our most popular tile.  These universal tiles are perfect for wall hangings, kitchen backsplashes, entrances, or other spaces in your office or home.  Our scratch resistant tiles are the hardest, most scratch and UV-resistant ceramic tiles you will find, anywhere.  Perfect for architectural applications, including back-splashes, table tops, counter tops, and even FLOORS!  Meets specifications of CTI, OSHA, and UL.  Go ahead - try to scratch it!

Available Finishes:  Matte, Glossy, Satin, Scratch Resistant

Available Sizes:  1" x 1", 2" x 2", 3.625"x 3.625", 3" x 6", 4.25" x 4.25", 6" x 6", 6" x 8", 8" x 8", 

8" x 10", 12" x 12"

The scratch resistant tiles are available in the sizes highlighted in red.



Glass Tiles - Smooth Surface

Your favorite photography or artwork is protected as a result of being fused into the underside of these glass tiles.  This makes for an excellent option for wet envirorments such as pools, showers, table tops, etc.

Available Sizes:  2" x 2", 4.25" x 4.25", 6" x 6", 8" x 8", 12" x 12"


Glass Tiles - Textured Surface

These textured glass tiles are recommended for floors, walls, and countertops and meet ANSI and ATSM standards for residential and commercial wall and floor applications.  For protection on wear and abrasion, the artwork is fused into the underside of the glass.

Available Sizes:  6" x 6", 8" x 8"


Tumbled Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tile is an off-white tile that generates a more muted or artisitic color reproduction...similar look to marble, but more durable.  It is a non-porous tile, impervious to freeze/thaw conditions.  Recommended for all water applications.  Standard adhesive is recommended for porcelain tile.  Standard or unsanded grout may be used.

Available Sizes:  4" x 4", 6" x 6", 12" x 12"


Marble Tiles

Our marble tile has a brighter, smoother surface, so your prints are perfect, every time!  There are natural variations in texture and edge.  We regret, we cannot hand-pick for you.

Available Sizes:  2" x 2", 2" x 4", 4" x 4", 6" x 6"


Tuscany Tiles

A beautiful, textured tile with a chiseled edge.  Suitable for wet environments as well as fully customizeable and personalized clocks.

Available Sizes:  4" x 4", 8" x 8"


Wooden Tile Easels

Each wooden tile easel is crafted to fold flat and display your tiles with traditional style.  Available in 5 different finishes (oak, rosewood, walnut, ebony, and natural).  Also available in 3 different sizes to accommodate tiles from 4" to 8".